Most students aren't learning to speak Spanish at school. Are yours?

Get the support you need for the results you want. Develop your students into engaging Spanish speakers without giving up your nights and weekends.

A Spanish language program can strengthen the partnership between teachers and staff.

Stop using your “off hours” to create lesson plans Get Your Free Resources

We’ll give you what you need to teach Spanish in Spanish for one week—for FREE:

  • Scripted Spanish Lesson Plans for a week
  • List of thematic vocabulary
  • Student learning objectives
  • Daily Routines and Activities
  • Daily pronunciation guide
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You Don’t Have to Choose

Too many Spanish teachers are forced to choose between winning at school and life at home. But we believe you can significantly impact your students’ lives—without giving up your own.

Finally, a place for you to connect with other Spanish teachers and get the support you need. The Maestro Membership Community

You don’t have to take on teaching Spanish alone. When you join the Maestro Membership Community you’ll enjoy the benefits of collaborating with a community of like-minded educators.

Plus, with immersive, time-tested lesson plans and curricula as well as ongoing training and support at your fingertips, you’ll regain your passion for teaching, achieve results in the classroom, and reclaim your life.

When you join the Maestro Membership Community, you’ll have everything you need to: What You Get

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Teach Spanish in Spanish

Gain access to quality resources and support that empower you to consistently teach Spanish in Spanish so you can leave a lasting impact on your students.

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Remove the Guesswork

Know exactly what you’ll teach each day with a thoughtfully sequenced, time-tested curriculum that’s easy to implement.

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Achieve Real Results

By implementing curricula where each lesson builds on itself, your students will gain confidence interacting in Spanish.

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Maximize Your Time

Say goodbye to late nights searching online for Spanish materials. You’ll have everything you need to engage your students without having to give up time with friends and family.

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Gain Ongoing Training Support

Take advantage of live trainings and exclusive videos by our team of experienced teachers who are committed to your success and helping you thrive.

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Connect with an Encouraging Community

Join like-minded Spanish teachers to find encouragement, celebrate successes, and problem-solve together.

"Spanish Curriculum has been my support every moment since I started teaching. I could not have done it without the amazing training and support. Spanish Curriculum has the tools and strong foundation a teacher needs to implement an immersive environment in the classroom."


Lucia de la Torre

Spanish Teacher

Meet Ruth Finsthwait, Founder

I cannot wait to help you

As an elementary Spanish teacher, I experienced burnout and lack of support firsthand.

I vividly remember finishing a day of teaching—exhausted and discouraged—only to go home with the same nagging question going through my head: “What am I going to teach tomorrow?”

So, I set out to help other teachers find a better way.

Children are natural language learners. And the #1 most effective way to teach your students to be conversational in Spanish is through immersion.

That’s why more than anything, I want to help you teach Spanish in Spanish...

...without sacrificing your personal life.

If you’re a Spanish teacher, you owe it to yourself, your students, and your family to see what your life in and out of the classroom could look like when you have all the resources and support you need at your fingertips.

With done-for-you lesson plans and access to exclusive training, Maestro Membership Community will take the guesswork out of teaching. You’ll be able to confidently engage your students in class and still have the time and space to enjoy your hobbies, home, and family.

I look forward to meeting you inside the Maestro Membership Community.

And I can’t wait to see you loving your life in and out of the classroom!


Ruth Finsthwait

Author and Founder of

Maestro Members are finding success in and out of the classroom: HEAR FROM OUR MAESTROS

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Carol-Spanish Teacher K-6

Everything you need to teach Spanish in Spanish all year long... What's Included

  • Spanish Curricula for Levels 1-4

    A thoughtfully sequenced, robust curriculum that will bring consistency and continuity to your Spanish program.

  • Daily Lesson Objectives

    Know exactly what your students should know or be able to do at the end of each week.

  • Ready-to-Use Slide Decks

    Digital slide decks for every lesson make it easy to teach whether you are teaching in person or online.

  • Digital Flashcards

    Tap into the endless ways to use flashcards in the classroom, enabling you to teach Spanish in Spanish effectively.

  • 35 Weeks of Lesson Plans

    With 4 lessons per week, that’s 140 lessons for each level—already done for you—that are easy to implement.

  • Tips for Implementation

    Get teacher training tips to better implement your resources into your classroom.

  • Student Worksheets

    Aligned to the lesson plans and tailored for the immersive environment to develop reading and writing in Spanish.

  • Unmatched Community & Collaboration

    Through our private Maestro Members Facebook group, you’ll receive ongoing training, support, and community.


...So you can impact your students’ lives—without giving up your own.

As a Maestro Member, you’ll gain the support you need to confidently engage your students in speaking Spanish and be inspired by their transformation. And when your school day is done, you’ll be able to turn off your working brain and enjoy time resting and recharging with the people you love.

Don’t miss open enrollment! It only opens for a limited time.

Join our community to rediscover your passion for teaching and inspire your students. Simply add your name to the waitlist and we’ll email you when we open the Maestro Membership Community.

"Spanish Curriculum has saved me so much time on planning. It helps the class to have a routine so the kids know what to expect. I found kids playing the games with the target words even when they are not in Spanish class. As a second year teacher this curriculum is exactly what I needed to build the foundation in my school for our Spanish program. Thank you!"


Evelyn Klingelsmith

Spanish Teacher

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