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We believe you, Spanish teachers, passionately go into teaching to share language and culture with your students. But, managing a classroom and teaching students is more exhausting than you ever imagined. We also believe you can provide a fantastic Spanish language education. So it is our goal to support and resource you, Spanish teachers, to effectively reach and teach each of your students in a fun, immersive way to enjoy speaking Spanish.

That’s why we created! exists to support, resource, and enable Spanish teachers to get the results they want in the classroom while avoiding burning out.

Can you imagine having detailed lesson plans at your fingertips? How about prepared stacks of digital graphics and Google slide decks ready to support your teaching? Want a community to ask those awkward questions and gather encouragement to teach inspired? Maestros Membership gives teachers access to immersive, time-tested resources and the ongoing support you need to have a lifelong impact on your students and energy to enjoy family and friends.

We have been teaching students Spanish for 14 years while building resources and training Spanish teachers to help them maximize their instructional time. Now those resources have helped hundreds of teachers across the nation get results in the classroom while not sacrificing their evenings and weekends.

Many administrators want to support their Spanish teachers with quality curriculum, professional development, and community to keep high-performing teachers. We have partnered with schools and districts to increase efficacy and stability in schoolwide and district programs to decrease teacher turnover, and build a solid progression achieving better learning results.

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Experience transformation in your classroom as you engage your students in effective Spanish lessons that cultivate curiosity and conversation.

3. Get back your time to enjoy the people and life you love.

Instead of spending countless hours searching for classroom ideas for next week, feel the freedom to recharge and enjoy simply being human.

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