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Empower your teachers and build a Spanish program that works with time-tested curricula and support.


Is your Spanish program producing lifelong Spanish speakers?

If you want to build a program where students can converse in Spanish, you must empower your teachers with effective curricula and expert training. Unfortunately, many schools expect teachers to develop their Spanish programs with insufficient resources or support. With most teachers lacking the time and skills to create a pedagogically sound, thoughtfully sequenced curriculum, student achievement wanes, and teacher burnout is high.

Increase engagement and improve student—and teacher—outcomes.

With our time-tested curricula and complementary training packages, your teachers get more than just the curriculum. Your teachers get ongoing training and support to successfully implement the curriculum to optimize student learning, ultimately reducing teacher fatigue and burnout.


Use curricula uniquely designed for age-specific, immersive language learning.

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Immersion Based

Empower your teachers to consistently teach Spanish in Spanish so they can leave a lasting impact on students.

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Functionally Biliterate

Develop bilingual students by teaching them to read, write, and speak Spanish with a thoughtfully sequenced, five-level curriculum.

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Age Appropriate

Help students learn Spanish that is standards-based and aligned to grade-level learning objectives.

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Results Driven

Keep your students on track with integrated assessments that provide benchmarks for student progress and goals.

Give your teachers the proven curriculum and support they need to become effective educators—and build a Spanish program that makes a lasting impact on your students.

Sample Curriculum

Access your FREE curriculum and evaluation checklists.

Curious if our curriculum is the right fit for your school? We want to give you one week of the complete Spanish Curriculum package to try—for free—in your classrooms.

You’ll get digital access to:

  • 1 Week of Level 2 Curriculum
  • Scripted Lesson Plans
  • Ready-to-Use Slide Decks
  • Student Worksheets
  • Flashcards
  • Lesson Objectives
  • Tips for Implementation
  • Case studies

Plus, we’ll include two evaluation checklists to help you audit what’s working and where to make improvements in your current language programs.


Spanish Curriculum has been my support every moment since I started teaching. I could not have done it without the amazing training and support. Spanish Curriculum has the tools and strong foundation a teacher needs to implement an immersive environment in the classroom.”

Lucia de la Torre

Lucia de la Torre

Spanish Teacher

Give your teachers everything they need to teach Spanish in Spanish.

The most effective way to teach Spanish is by staying in Spanish. Our curriculum enables teachers to create an immersive environment that inspires students and develops Spanish speakers.

Each curriculum level package includes:

  • Thoughtfully sequenced, easy-to-implement curriculum
  • On-demand training for effective implementation
  • Instructor manual with 140 scripted lesson plans per level
  • Consumable student workbook or print license
  • Ready-to-use slide decks for each lesson
  • Digital flashcards
  • Weekly learning objectives
  • Content aligned to the academic school year

Plus, with every curriculum purchase your teachers will get access to our private Spanish teacher support community—including ongoing training opportunities and digital access to the curriculum and bonus classroom resources!


Explore Spanish curriculum designed for every stage.

Our thoughtfully sequenced curriculum is uniquely designed and tested to fit your age-specific, immersive language learning classrooms. In addition, with five levels of language progression, our curriculum gives your students the learning tools they need at every step of their journey to speaking Spanish.


Levels 1 & 2

Primary grade students are developmentally predisposed to learn new languages. Levels 1 and 2 focus on the basics of Spanish. Basic vocabulary of colors, numbers, clothing, family, house, and the community are used to develop simple conversational skills that acclimate students to the immersive setting and build a foundation for future learning. Students will also learn the basics of reading and writing in Spanish.


Levels 3, 4 & 5

Designed for the middle and later elementary grades, students continue to develop their Spanish by expanding the community conversation to the rest of the world. The conversation grows to include various Spanish-speaking countries and global topics through fun weekly readings. Students broaden their vocabulary while learning present, past, and future verb tenses, plus so much more!


Unsure which levels are right for your classrooms? Not a problem. When you request a quote, we’ll help you determine the curriculum that fits your unique needs so you can run a Spanish program that works!

Give your teachers the Ultimate Classroom Bundle

So much more than a workbook. The Ultimate Classroom Bundle gives your teachers everything they need to run an effective multi-level Spanish classroom for only $4,995!

With this bundle you’ll get:

  • Your choice of two levels of curriculum
  • 300 laminated flashcards
  • Calendar system kit
  • Pronombre cards
  • Verb charts
  • Thematic laminated posters with interactive label cards

Plus, your teachers will receive access to our private Spanish teacher support community—including ongoing training opportunities, digital access to the curriculum, and bonus classroom resources!


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Proven curriculum and scripted lesson plans enable teachers to focus on what they do best—teaching!

For over 14 years, immersive Spanish educators and language experts have developed, tested, revised, and validated our curriculum and lesson plans to give you a solution that will get your students conversing in Spanish. Distinguish your school with a system that has been proven to support bilingualism.


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